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Selling on Facebook
by Webmama on October 22, 2011
Type: Tutorial

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Facebook Shop Integration Instruction

  1. Facebook Page Creation
  2. Installing WebmamaCommerce apps on your Facebook Page
  3. Managing Facebook Shop header graphic
  4. Managing store categories and products on your Facebook page

Facebook Page Creation

  1. Login to your Facebook account www.facebook.com
  2. Create a Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php, you can create a new page by selecting the type of Facebook page you want to use (such as:  local business, company/brands or community etc).
  3. Fill out the form with all the required information (ensure that all the information are accurate as these details will be accessed by your customers – see below). Click Get Started button to continue.

4) Step 1 is where you upload your company logo or Skip this for now and Continue later.

5) Step 2 is where you can invite your current/existing Facebook friends or import your contacts or Skip this for now and Continue later.

6) In Step 3 you need to provide your website url and a description about your business, or Skip this for now and Continue later.

7) Then you will be redirected to your newly created Facebook page, as below;


Installing WebmamaCommerce apps on your Facebook Page

1) Now that you have created your Facebook page, go to WebmamaCommerce application at http://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=256918571014822&next=https://www.facebook.webmama.co.uk/

[Please do stay logged in Facebook, simply open a new browser tab and go to the above WebmamaCommerce app link]

2) In the following popup window you will need to click the Choose Facebook Pages drop down menu and select your Facebook page from the menu and then click the Add Page Tab link.


3) You are now presented with a page where you need to enter your WebmamaCommerce store's admin username and password and then click login.


This above step will simply create the connectivity between Facebook and WebmamaCommerce and after a successful connection system will add an online store tab/link on your Facebook page (see below).


4) The following window will appear when you click the above online store tab/link, you then simply enter your Webmama store login access (username and password) to continue.


Enter your user name and password (these must be the same details when you login to your Webmama shop control panel) and click Login button.

5) After you logged in you will see something like this with a blank template;


The next step is to add Facebook page header and bring categories and products from your Webmama Store into the Facebook Store…to do this please follow the following steps.

Managing Facebook shop header graphic

1) Now go back to your WebmamaCommerce admin and select Marketing > Sell on Facebook > Settings to see various options;


2) Your settings page as shown below; you can either use the integrated image editor or use your own Photoshop edited graphic image within the specified size.


Your Facebook header graphic will appear as below;


Managing store categories and products on your Facebook page

1) Now you need to bring categories on to your Facebook store, to do this go to Inventory > Manage Categories then select the categories by ticking the boxes on your left then click “Add to facebook” link, see below;



2) The next step is to bring your products on to your Facebook store, to do this go to Inventory > Manage Products then select the products by ticking the boxes on your left then click “List these products on facebook” link, see below;


Now, go to your Facebook page and refresh it, this will look like as follows;


You can manage your categories and products from inventory managed sections or by going to Marketing > Sell on Facebook links.

When an user clicks on facebook “Add To Cart” button to purchase an item they will then be taken to your original store to complete their purchase.

Additional Help Topics

We strongly recommend you to add all relevant information (such as your business address, profile picture etc.) on your Facebook store.

To publish your page (means anyone can view without logging in), go to “Manage Permissions” and un-check the box, see below;


Your first public Facebook url will look like this; https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Book-Store/266529003435231.

However, that url can be changed to more user-friendly name like “myclothstore” such as https://www.facebook.com/myclothstore.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/username/ to create a user-friendly name.

This is the end of Facebook shop integration documentation, if you need any help during the setup process, please call us at +44 (0) 845 634 4586 or email at service[at]webmama.co.uk.

Happy Facebook Selling!!!

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